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White Pillars

When you think of the life you desire what emotions come up for you?  What is it that you long for?  

Life coaching can help in multiple areas of your life.  





I am a Life Coach that helps high achievers get unstuck from life so they can manage stress and have more energy, while getting the things they want in finances, relationships, that new promotion or getting unstuck with God.  Is this you?  

Each session we follow the same structure: 

- What is going well?

- Challenges & obstacles

- New session information

- Sealing in the new information

- Action Steps 

These sessions typically last 45 - 60 min long.  We go at your pace, if you are wanting to move faster, we do, if you need to take it slow, we pull back.  You are in charge of your transformational process and the goals set before you.  I am here to facilitate action and information so that you reach what YOU want to achieve.  

Schedule a complementary session now to see if it's the right time for us to work together.  

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