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Have you ever wondered how and why you think a certain way? Or do you have a difficult relationship in your life that you want to improve? The enneagram can help you grow in your understanding of who you are and why your process information a specific way. 


This awareness of self helps you be confident in who you are and allows you to connect with others in a more effective way.

I coach people on finding that deep authentic freedom that comes from truly knowing yourself.


For a detailed definition of what the Enneagram is check out our FAQ here.  

What does Enneagram coaching look like?  

We will meet one on one for five in depth coaching sessions.  Each session will be just about an hour over Zoom focusing on a new topic each week.  These sessions will lead you to a greater understanding of your self, paths to alignment and relationships around you.  

Session 1:

- Typing (finding your number) and an overview of all 9 types. 

- Core Motivations, Core Fears, Core Weaknesses, Core Longings

- Enneagram Paths 


Session 2:

- Triads

- Relationships

Session 3:

- Wings

- Levels of Alignment 

Session 4:

- Childhood Patterns 

- Childhood Messages

Session 5:

- Going Deeper

- Implications of Grace

These sessions are faith based.  The foundation of this program is a deeper understanding of who you are but also the realization and awakening that you can only achieve full alignment when we are surrendered to something bigger than ourselves.  

Investment of $367

Image by Darren Richardson
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