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You wanna know what happens when your passion calls you? First, you check the caller ID, then decide if its worth picking up, and you may even let it ring a few times. But then you finally build up the courage to say "hello".

That is what happened in 2020. Everything in my life changed the moment these words came out of my mouth, "... if this scenario happens then I go part time." To be honest I didn't think that scenario would actually happen. I thought I was good where I was, I had just hit my stride, and we were financially secure for the first time in our marriage. We had it all. Until everything changed when my passion called!!

I always wanted to own my own business, even as a little girl I would talk my friends into having lemonade stands. Side note: For anyone that bought lemonade from us, which was actually Kool-Aid, I am forever sorry for the entire bag of sugar we put in there. But I always wanted to do my own thing. When my husband and I were newly married we had a photo booth and a big inflatable slide that we would have on a rotation at a carnival. That was our side gig and I took the responsibility to run the business side. I loved taking inventory, making orders for supplies, and seeing happy customers walking around with our merchandise or the kids flinging themselves down our inflatable slide. When we had kids we sold off those businesses to focus on the kids. Ultimately the revenue stream of being a mom became less like a stream and more like a desolate, deserted, dried up desert in need of an oasis. Which led me to always seeking many other passions and side hustles to earn a few bucks until I found a career in 2018 (which is another blog post for another day).

So in 2021 when my passion called to go "all in" I believed I was up for the challenge. I had spent the last 3 years pursuing someone else's passions and building their business. It was now my time... "it will be fun" I said (*insert crying emoji). It hasn't been the most fun time of my life but it HAS been the most fulfilling. I have had the privilege of coaching every one of my clients to lose weight and achieve their goals. I am honored to be trusted by my client's and given such an intimate place in their success story. I do not take any of this lightly.

I am looking forward to building this practice to its greatest potential and helping thousands across the globe achieve their weight loss goals.

Message me or comment below and let me know how big your dreams and passions are!! I would love to support you in making them all come true!!

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